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Realtor®️ Designed services & pricing made simple to help your property sell.

Our goal is simple, provide the best customer experience while providing the highest quality media. Our skilled media specialist are ready to provide you and your clients with the K & K Productions experience.

What you need to know




Fires added to fire places to give that extra level of cozy.


TV Glares

We remove all TV glares and add a matte black finish to all tv's. 




Regardless if its cloudy or raining, you will always have a blue sky added to your photos!





We want to be able to see out those beautiful windows so we make sure they are crystal clear to see out of.

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We know you want to get the listing live asap. So we deliver the photos the following morning,

Our Services

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Real Estate

The first sight of your listing is the photos. Let us capture high quality and engaging photos that are surely too "wow" any potential buyer. 

        Next Morning Deliver


        Tons of "Free Editing Extras"


Real Estate

Engaging, fun and creative videos will help boost your reach and brand you as a powerful Realtor®️. Video's are one of the most powerful marketing tools out there today.

          2 Day Delivery


          Clean Crisp Audio


Drone Services

Adding a new prospective can buyers a good view of the layout of the property and the surrounding area. Our licensed drone pilots utilize the best drone technology to help capture those breathtaking views from above. 

         Fully Drone Certified 


         Breathtaking Views


         Photo & Video


Virtual 3D Tours

Virtual 3D Tours utilize some of the most advanced technology. These 3D tours are a fantastic way to get your buyer "in the house" without actually stepping foot in the house. 

         Easy to use

         Mobile Friendly



Floor Plans

Floor Plans, with measurements are one of the top 5 things a buyers wanted to see when looking for a house aside from high quality photos. Our detailed floor plans give you a glimpse of the exact layout of the house with room measurements. 

         Next Day Delivery

         Engage More Buyers


         Powerful Marketing Material          


3470 Glacier Ridge Rd-all-in-one-dim_0.jpg

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging provides quick and easy staging to your images without breaking the bank or your back. This also give viewers a sense of space usage and where they may put their furniture. 

         Next Day Delivery

         No Broken Backs


         Cost Effective