How to Optimize Your Social Media Using Your Listing Photos

Many realtors avoid posting on social media for the mere fact that they don't know what to post. However, you have beautiful content hiding right under your nose: your listing photos! It's important to know how to utilize them within your social media strategy to get the most out of each post. Below are just a few tips to help optimize your social media posts and sharing your listing photos.

Your listing photos are a huge asset when it comes to social media. Don't know what to post about? You have beautiful content at the ready.

Use services like Canva or a professional graphic designer to make your posts stand out — Having a professional look across your website, marketing materials, and social media can make you stand out from the rest of the competition. There are many free and paid tools you can utilize to make your social media feed look professional and cohesive.

Utilize your brand colors, logos, and other identifying factors so people know it’s your post — This one's pretty self-explanatory, but making sure people know it's your post without having to even click on your profile is a big win when it comes to staying top-of-mind with potential clients and creating a strong sense of brand recognition. If you have a personal or team logo along with your brokerage's logo, overlay them on top of a listing photo to make it super easy to identify your business at a glance.

Make sure your images are social media optimized — this might mean cropping, creating seamless sliding posts, or utilizing collages to take up the most available social media "real estate" so your post gets seen. Having professional listing photos is extremely helpful in this area as well, because of the high resolution and crystal clear display it'll create.

Use more than one image to create more engagement — Using more than one image and having people scroll through your pictures to have them interact increases engagement and makes your post more visible to both your followers and on "explore" pages. The more engagement a post gets, the more social media platforms think it's relevant to keep showing to a wider audience.

Use as many hashtags as you’re allowed — Instagram recommends 15 - 30 hashtags per post, which sounds like a lot, but it's important to utilize them to be found on explore pages and at the top of hashtags. If you want people from your area to find you, be sure to utilize hashtags to do with your specific location.

Bonus Hashtag Tip: paste your caption, a short description, and your hashtags in the "alt text" feature to show up high in hashtag rankings.

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