Is Real Estate Photography an Essential Service?

Being an "essential business" has a whole new meaning, now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to look at whether the photography of real estate is an essential service, we have to look at why real estate is considered essential as well.

As stated in the Forbes article by Dima Williams, Florida's Realtors stated that “Life’s basic needs are food, water and a roof over your head, which makes real estate an essential service."

From a government agency perspective, CISA considers "Residential and commercial real estate services, including settlement services," a part of the essential workforce.

Since real estate is considered an essential service, by association, so is real estate photography. By providing a service that aids in the sale of real estate, real estate photography is considered an essential service.

Our team was working throughout the pandemic, rain or shine, and adapted to the changing environment.

So, if you were wondering if real estate photography is an essential service, the short answer is YES!

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