Our Secret to Getting the Perfect Lighting Every Time

Does your listing lack natural light in some places? Or maybe there aren't enough outlets or the right electrical wiring where you really wish there were to add the extra lamp? When you photograph as many homes as we do, you pick up some industry secrets that maybe not everyone who isn't behind the camera doesn't know. One of those tricks is how to get great lighting, no matter the circumstance.

So, what's the trick?

Multiple exposures.

Whenever we take a photo, we're actually taking anywhere from three to five separate photos at different exposure levels.

Depending on the exposure settings, the camera will react faster or slower, letting less or more light through the lens (respectively).

Taking multiple exposures and then editing those photos together in a certain way called "blending" helps us get perfect, bright, beautiful lighting every single time.

Bonus: that also helps us get those crystal clear windows (because you can actually see outside). The next time you're taking a look at hot sheets and perusing listings, just see how many photos have waaaay over exposed windows.

And if your listing does have over-exposed windows, try booking K & K Productions.

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