Ways to Use Video in Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy | YouTube

We get asked all the time if using video is an important part of real estate. We get it, you might not want to be in front of the camera yourself, or show up on the internet without everything look polished. But, truth be told, video always has been and likely will be, king when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Whether you're making a new video or have some content stashed somewhere, over the next few weeks, we're going to walk you through a few ways you can be utilizing video on social media to draw in your audience, build a reputation, and strengthen relationships with your audience. This week, we're starting out with a platform we've all heard of. YouTube.

Youtube is one of the largest search engines, second to Google. You read that right, a search engine. Although it populates fun cat videos and long-forgotten Vines, it's considered a search engine. This means, whatever you write in your description or title is completely searchable and adds to how the video ranks in the search results.

Youtube is great for hosting your "long-form" content, which is basically anything over a couple of minutes. Think listing videos, home walkthroughs, virtual question-and-answer panels, and so much more.

Imagine someone searching for a home, stumbling across your listing. If they want to look more into that home, they'll likely copy and paste the address into Google to see if they can find any other pictures or your brokerage's website. Now, since YouTube is a search engine, if you utilize your keywords and titles right, that listing video you took with us not too long ago will show up and voila, there you are. Ready to sell them with a beautiful virtual walkthrough, like Elizabeth Klug.

If you want to learn more about using video in your marketing strategy and different platforms that can benefit you and your audience, come back to the blog next week.

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