What's the difference in photos taken by a professional on an HDR camera versus an iPhone?

If you work with us or follow us on any type of social media, you'll always see how much we recommend you don't take listing photos with your phone.

Just to prove a little bit of a point, we wanted to showcase a recent photo shoot we did where the photographer captured just a few pictures on both the big, HDR camera and an iPhone 12 mini. The lenses were even placed at the exact same location. And just for fun, we'll point out a few of the notable differences. So, hopefully, the next time you pull out your phone, you'll think about using it to give us a call instead of taking pictures 😉

Let's start with what you see when you first walk up — the exterior. One of the most notable differences is color correction. The photo taken on the HDR camera looks a lot more lively. It even includes clear, blue skies, even though it was a bit of a cloudy day.

Always blue skies are just one of the many services we offer all of our clients.

You also probably noticed just how much of the scenery we could fit into the photo utilizing a wide-angle lens, which we do for all of our shoots. This makes your spaces look and feel roomier in photos.

Even though the pictures were taken at the exact same location, the iPhone crops so much of the scenery out. And we all know a huge part of real estate is location, location, location.

Again, that wide-angle lens comes in to save the day.

In cramped or awkwardly-shaped spaces like this upstairs loft, it can be hard to fully imagine what the room looks like.

Another notable difference is the change in contrast. The iPhone photo seems to be super bright where there are lights and super dark pretty much anywhere else.

Our HDR cameras come with this nifty feature that allows us to take photos at multiple exposure levels so that nothing is too dark or too bright in your final photos.

Last but not least, we have this shot of the master bedroom. You'll notice the HDR camera has an extremely different point of view because of that handy-dandy wide-angle lens.

Now, take a look at it from your buyer's perspective. Which house would you rather look at? The one with the dark corners in unidentifiable rooms? Or the one with a bed next to an awesome entertainment area and a kick-ass neighborhood?

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