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First off we want to say thank you, Korryn and myself and so blessed and thankful that you choose us to capture your wedding. Weather its photo or video, we want you to know we are beyond excited to spend the entire day with you! Our goal isn't jus to capture the best moments of the day but to be a helping hand and a friend. 

There are a few things we want you to know before your wedding.

(This is a general outline for both photo and video)

1. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

        We realize planning a wedding is stressful and always changing. If you need to ask us a questions about your 

        schedule or a questions about wedding planning in general DON"T HESITATE!

2. Schedule

         Please try to get us a schedule as soon as you can! We want to help lay out our time line for you to                             incorporate to your timeline. 1 week prior to your wedding we ask for a finalized timeline

         We will usually arrive 30 minutes before the bride gets ready. That way we can still get shots of all the girls

         but have a little more focus on you. The second shooter will be with the guys (If they are with in traveling 

         distance. We will cover getting ready, ceremony, family formals, bridal party, speeches and dances. ( there is 

         much more in the day we will record). We will usually head out within 30 minutes of the dance floor being

         opened to everyone. 

3. We will be in contact numerous times before your wedding day.

        6 months out we will check in to see how everything is going. At this point wedding plans should be coming 

         together well! Not everything will be done but just know they will get there.

        1 month out we will check back in again to touch base about the schedule and get a rough draft what you will

        you will expect from us. Your wedding plans should be in the process of getting finalized. 

        2 weeks out we will contact you asking for a final schedule of your day and a reminder your balance is due.

        At this point your wedding should be finalized with minor details needed to be adjusted. 

       Day of your Wedding we will base everything off the schedule so there is no need to stress! Everything is

       finalized and you are about to have the best day of your life!

       2 Weeks After your wedding. YOUR MARRIED!! WOO! We could not be happier for both of you as you are now

       HUSBAND AND WIFE. Check for a teaser! We will have posted a teaser at this point on social media!

      6-8 Weeks After your wedding  You will be receiving the final product around this time! 

Here are some tips to make your photo/video amazing!

  1. Smile and relax. Taking time to remember what your wedding day is about will over ride the stress of the entire day! Its all going to work out! Just smile!

  2. Bring a wood hanger for your dress- It does make a huge difference in photo and its that small detail that will make the photos/video all that much better!

  3. Shoes!!! Wear shoes that will make your feet and back thank you for later! Have them be comfy as you will be in them for a while! 

  4. Practice getting your dress on. If its complex and hard to get on practicing will ensure it goes smooth on your wedding day! Also practice bustling your dress-This will help keep everything on time! 

  5. Have your girls get their dress on before you. This will help with keeping everything on time but then they can help you get into your dress. 

  6. Touch up your make up throughout the day!

  7. Find The RULES of the church.​ We want to respect the church and knowing their rules will allow us to respect them. We ask​​ you find out what the rules our and relay that to us.

  8. We want to see YOUR PINTEREST BOARDS! Send them to us!

  9. Smile as you walk down the aisle (that goes for everyone) 

  10. Avoid eating during your speeches.  Having a mouth full of food for photos doesn't look the greatest. You will regret it looking through the photos later.

  11. First Dance. Try to embrace the entire dance. I know its hard not to chat during this time but try to keep the chatter down unless you're smiling, crying or laughing! ( We understand you will talk) We want to help create the best memory!

  12. Emergency Kit. Think about packing an emergency kit. -Nail Clippers, tape, Tylenol/Advil, Tampons, Floss, Safety pins, Bobby pins, Water, Kleenex, Mints, lint and so much more. 

  13. Walk slow down the aisle. This will give us plenty of time to get the best shot!

  14. First Kiss! Hold out your First Kiss! Often times the first kiss happens so fast and it doesn't give us enough time to capture it! Extending your first kiss ensures it will be captured. Plus you just got married kiss each other as much as you want!

  15. Details- Please have all details (Shoes, earnings, necklaces, ect set aside before the shooter arrives

  16. Don't Stress, have someone else do it for you! There are plenty of people to take care of any need that comes up! just relax! 

  17. Smile, Relax and reflect! This is something we want you to REMEMBER forever. Take time to reflect on your entire wedding day! Remember to take time to slow down and embrace everything thats going on. It will go by fast so make sure you are having fun


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